Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Cry cry baby...

I started my teary moments last night when I watch the "Attractions" audition for Britain Got Talent 2013 on You Tube.  It was the most beautiful dance performance I have ever since.  I had never cried watching any dance before but this dance had actually dug deep into my emotion and made me want to be a politician..!!  I want to be a real politician who fight for the people, who will stop wars and who will ban skinny models making people like me feel super duper fat. But of course, with my loud mouth and blunt remarks, I would not last more than a day... (siiigghhh... my celebrity-wanna-be dream is crushed...)

This morning while waiting for my husband getting ready to go to office, I finished my reading on Habibie & Ainun, a book written by Indonesia's 3rd President about Love.  I never knew he could write, more so in such a poetic Bahasa Indonesia language.   I remember how he struggled speaking in Bahasa Indonesia without uttering some English words on TV.   I used to know him only as the most techie guy in Indonesian government.

Reading the book about his life and love story, I couldn't help shedding tears of happiness, knowing that behind such a tough techie guy, who made the first Indonesian aeroplane, lies a man who shares the same visions and aspirations with me. All he wanted to have was just a simple peaceful life in a countryside surrounded by his family.  He wanted to spend his retirement travelling the world with his late wife, Ibu Ainun.  But his dream was forced to go to different directions when he was asked to come back from Germany to serve for the people of Indonesia.  His willingness to serve the country was bigger than his simple country life dream.  Behind his boyish face lies a very kind, religious, soft and romantic lover who was so misunderstood by millions of Indonesian people. 

I am such a hopeless romantic that his book gave the same effect like addictive sad Korean dramas.  I cried when he wrote about his sadness, I cried when he wrote about his prayer and I cried when he mentioned about his promise to Ibu Ainun. 

Every woman will wish to have a husband like him....  This is the real love story...  Although the book has been made into movie, I still prefer the book.  I always prefer books more than movies because of the deeper emotional impact of (written) words compared to actions (in movies).

After finished reading the book, I saw someone's Facebook page posting a youtube video of "Inside Malaysia's Shadow States".  I didn't know what to expect at all so when I clicked the video, I was surprised to find that the video is about revealing the corruption case in Sarawak.  Initially I thought the video is about Sarawak tourism (I was thinking about going to Kuching for next holiday trip).

This brave guy from Global Witness has actually gone undercover and videotaped his conversations with the corrupts.  I cried again.... This time not about love story... but cried to see how "cleverer people" easily take advantage of those who don't have access to knowledge.  I cried when I saw how the Sarawakians who live deep in the jungle have been taken advantage of.  I was so angry listening to the insulting remarks made by the self-confessed "cleverer (but super corrupted) leader" about his own people.  And to make it worse, they are so proud of being able to "con" the people and the constitution...!!

After three rounds of crying, I thought I had done enough damage to my eye bags but noooo.... I cried again... this time because of the haze outside.  After a week of not-so-bad air quality, today the sky is grey and hazy again.  This means that I had to close all the doors and windows at all time.  This means that I have to switch on the A/C 24 hours again... It means that my electricity bill for this month will keep on increasing... It also means that I have to wash my car again.... It also means I can't go out buying nasi lemak from the roadside stall again... (who would want to have nasi lemak sprinkled with Sumatera's ashes?)

Now.. tell me.... how not to cry...???

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