Being a part timer, I manage to buy and read a few books this year.  Some of the books made me ignore my hunger pangs, shed tears, giggle non-stop and salivate at the pictures.. Some of them really bored me.  I  forced myself to finish reading them but there are some that I just had to give up. I don't want to waste my life reading something I don't enjoy.

Just in case you are running out of books to read or to simply browse pages, here's the list of what I enjoyed this year:

Empress Orchid by Anchee Min
It's a book that helped me understand my Chinese roots.  It's a true strory of an empress's life inside The Forbidden City during the 1800s.

Teohlogy by Patrick Teoh
Hilariously funny... It's a compilations of his published articles in various newspapers.  I didn't know who he was other than a restaurant operator.  My husband told me that he used to be a radio deejay.  How I wished I had lived in Malaysia while he was a deejay, he must be super entertaining.

Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy by E.L James
The most explicit novels I have ever read in my life... I finished the whole 3 books (570 pages each..!!) within a week..! What is it about?  You just have to read it...

Geronimo Stilton : The Hotel Is Haunted
This is actually my daughter's book.  I had nothing else to read and just grabbed what's infront of me.  Surprisingly this book is good, very entertaining.... No wonder my eldest is addicted to Stilton's series...!

Les Halles Cookbook by Anthony Bourdain
I am a huge fan of Anthony Bourdain.  He cooks, eats and writes well... There is more than recipes in the book.  He gave out tips, tactics and strategies to "cheat" while motivated readers to keep on cooking.  Simply a great book to have..!!

Simple Essentials : Chocolate by Donna Hay
I cook but I don't bake.  Buying this book is really to satisfy my eyes.  It's such a beautiful book filled with luscious pictures of cakes and cookies. After browsing the last page, I promised myself that I would try to bake. Until now, the promise is still a promise.  I fllipped the book numerous times.

I hope you'll enjoy the books as much as I did... Have a nice read... :)

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