Thursday, 9 August 2012

Honeymoon is over baby....

My husband and I planned our honeymoon months before we got married.  We planned to explore South of Spain, backpacking around Granada, Seville and Alhambra.  We bought street maps for those cities (those days we had no google earth) and enrolled in Spanish class.  We were so excited and looking forward to sampling authentic tapas, strolling the pebble-stone streets while enjoying the unique architectures and immersing ourselves in the foreign culture.  Since I couldn't dance as well as my husband, he enrolled me in Latin dance classes so that we could dance in every club we planned to visit.

It's been 14 years since we planned that trip and it NEVER happened...!! After all the Spanish classes and Latin dance classes, we couldn't go to Spain because my husband couldn't leave his on-going office project for too long and when he finished his project, I had unsolved problems with immigration.  Then I got my first job, preventing me from taking long leave.  After that I got pregnant and had my kids... Those who have kids know very well that we can forget travelling for years... So the honeymoon had to wait and wait and wait...

To compensate for the "lost honeymoon", we went for a lot of short weekend trips, travelling to Penang, Pulau Pangkor, Melaka, Singapore, Bangkok, Bali, Kuantan, Cameron Highlands, Fraser Hills and many other places in the region.  We managed to travel at least once a month, stretching our waists wider everytime we came back to KL. 

During those trips we behaved like two carefree teenagers, trying out small cute hotels that turned out to be horrible places to sleep, discovering new wonderful warongs in small towns, dressing up for fine dining in hotels, devouring countless buffets and singing off tune while driving on the freeway.

It was one of the best time of my life....

Now when I think about those trips, I feel that those trips worth more than our planned Spain honeymoon.  We had a long 3 years honeymoon instead of just 3 weeks in Spain. 

After those 3 years, I got pregnant and started our "real life" : changing diapers, sleepless nights, chasing kids, birthday parties full of screaming and crying kids, monthly visits to paeditricians, etc... I did all that while working full time.  I don't know how I did it but I did.  I couldn't wait until my daughters grow up.  I wanted them to grow up as fast as possible so I could eat peacefully, I could go shopping without interruptions, I could go to movies, I could travel with my girlfriends, etc.

Fast forward to now... My eldest is 9 and my youngest is 6, I feel time flew so fast.  Both my daughters don't really need my attention 24 hours a day anymore. Sometimes they refused to go with me, preferring to stay home watching TV or play with Ipad instead.  My eldest even stopped kissing me.  I am the one who have to kiss her now. How I miss her kissing me more than 10 times a day when she was younger.  How I miss her telling me : You are the best mommy in the whole wide world.  How I miss her glued to my feet everywhere I went.  I am glad I have my youngest daughter to compensate for the lost affections. I am enjoying her kissing me all day with her oil-stained lips and hugging me tightly whenever she sits next to me.  I am savouring every moment, clinging to the very last drop of it.

I am now taking my life slowly... very very slowly.... Now I understand why the older we get, the slower we become... Life is to short to live in the fast lane..

Life is short.. (specially if you are not a catwalk model)
Be kind.. (not to the thieves though)
Forgive quickly... (this one you really should)
Kiss slowly.(don't forget to gargle, bad breath is a no no)
Love trully.. (only to those who deserve it)
Laugh uncontrollably.. (make sure no spinach on your teeth)
Dance as if no one is looking.. (to the tune of course..)
Never regret anything that makes you smile.. (no matter how silly it is)

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  1. Totally understand how you feel. Both my sons are already in their mid and late teens. The eldest could even drive and hubby gave him a car, so now I could hardly catch his shadow, not to mention him. I too miss those baby hugs and kisses. My sons love to hug me when they were toddler. Those little arms around my neck, on my face and shoulders, not anymore. Like what you said take it sloooooowly. Happy parenting and enjoy every minute of it.


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