Wednesday, 20 February 2013

A Brother....?? Nooooo Way..

Last week I went back to Bandung for our annual Chinese New Year trip.  As always, it was too short... When I left Bandung, I felt I didn't have enough time to do things I was supposed to do and to buy things I thought I would buy.  But on the brighter side, I also didn't have enough time to increase the fatty tissues around my belly and to poke larger holes in my wallet... :)

On Valentine's day I met a few old friends whom I didn't see for 20 years... It was so nice to be able to meet and chit chat with them again.  Despite of our sagging skins and expanding waist lines, we haven't really changed.  We giggled and talked and ate and giggled again and talked again and laughed loudly.... We felt like high school girls again.. (minus the tall "Duran Duran's spiky hair" and Madonna's net stocking)

Since it was Valentine's day, we talked about how Valentine's days have gone unnoticed after a few years of marriage.  I told them that I had never really celebrated Valentine's day with my husband.  Then one of my friends told me,"Yeah... Valentine's is nothing now.  No more chocolate and flowers anymore.... My husband and I are like brother and sister now. Don't you agree?"

Hey baby... Of course I don't agree.....!

What do you mean like brother and sister...??

Being married for almost 13 years haven't changed my relationship with my husband.  He is NOT like a brother to me...

I have 2 brothers and my relationship with them is no way close to my relationship with my husband.  

I DON'T kiss my brothers...!! (YYYYeeewwwwww...... GROSS....!! Major TURN OFF...!!)
No offend, brothers... I am just not in to you... ;)

I know... I know..... before you protest.. I understand... It's not what she meant... Of course she didn't kiss her brother too...!! (you think I have a crazy friend..??)

But I think husband and wife relationship is nothing like brotherhood or sisterhood or any friendship kind of thing....

Some couple say that their spouses are their "best friends"

Maybe it's true for some.... But it is not the case with me....

I have my BFFs and my relationship with them is very different from my relationship with my husband.

I share juicy secrets with my BFFs.... but not with my husband
I could talk on the phone for hours with my BFFs.... but just 10 minutes with my husband
I share my crazy stupid pictures with my BFFs... but hide them from my husband
I listen to my BFFs dating details.... but.... God forbid... no way I would want to hear my husband's
I share lipstick with my BFFs... but... (of course you know the answer... he doesn't even use lip balm)

My husband was and IS my lover...... I don't plan to change it into other kind of relationship...

I don't want to be her little sister nor do I want to be his best buddy who would walk with him under the scorching sun for 5 hours in the golf course.

I don't know about you though....

Is your husband like a brother to you? 
Is your wife like a little sister to you? 

If the answer is yes, then I'd like to advise you to stop kissing your spouse.... 'coz it's totally disgusting...!!

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  1. Obviously not brother and sister. Well, I don't think hubby is my best friend either. We have been married for twenty years now. We didn't get closer than before or more apart, but just like before. We still do praise and tease each other. My parents in law however, the older they grew the more they fight and argue, especially right after my father in law retired. Sometime I jokingly ask hubby if he would turn into a grumpy old man like those who had retired. He said, hope not. I hope not too. May we all live happily ever after like in the story book. Happy blogging to you.


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