Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Don't STOP...!!!

My eldest daughter is in a stage where she HATES (yes... hates with capital letters) School...  She is in Primary 4 where the teachers started bombarding her with tons of homework and exams.  Her sweet teacher turned out to be a super duper mean woman (she said), her bag is waaaay heavier than my grocery bags and her hours in school are longer than my working hours.  This year she started her required co-curriculum activities at school.  She participated in Puteri Islam, Chess Club, Theatre and English Club. 

Just looking at her made me feel tired....

I remember when I was in Primary School, I didn't have all those extra curriculum at school but my mother put me in Mandarin tuition which I hated very much... I hated the fact that I had to struggle to stay awake listening to Laoshe for one full hour in the afternoon instead of spending my precious time climbing guava tree with my friends.  Now I hate the fact that I hated the Mandarin tuition because after all the years spent struggling in Mandarin tuition, I still can't speak Mandarin..!! What a waste of time... Imagine how many guavas I could pluck if I didn't attend that useless tuition..!!

My high school was even worse... I remember I used to stay awake until past midnight to study for exams and to finish my homework.  My school started at 6.45am so when I left home at 6.15 in the morning I usually continued my sleep in the car until the driver woke me up infront of the school.  I was an A-student during my high school years... but now... if you asked me something about whatever I learned at that time, I totally don't remember anything.  I studied for the exams... after that.... everything was erased from my memory.  Sooo... another waste of time, right?  Why should I suffer staying late to study if I would forget everything when the bell rang?

At that time I studied because I had to...

In College, I studied hard because I wanted to graduate as soon as possible and I had a big responsibility to make my parents proud of me.  I studied to score high GPAs so I could enter the job market easily.  I studied because I had to... I never enjoyed it.

When I met my husband I was totally surprised.... He LOVES (yes, loves with capital letters) studying...!! He really enjoys reading "serious books".  He has been thinking about going back to schools but he has not had the time yet....

I was shocked to know that there is actually a person who likes to be tortured by serious books and lectures and homeworks...

After many why's and how's, finally I understand why he loves learning.... He treats studying as learning new stuffs.   He finds a lof of interesting stuffs that enrich his life by learning something new. 

During his school years, he was never forced to study.... He had great teachers who made learning fun... He said he never really studied and he never felt tortured doing homework because everything was done in a fun way...  He remembers his days in boarding school as the most fun time of his life, playing the whole day... But yet, he can remember all the chemistry, physics, history, geography lessons he got from his high school days...!!

There I was.... studying hard, staying late, tortured by the homework.  Result : forget everything..!

His case : playing the whole day, having fun. Result : remember everything he learned at school.

He even knows that Burkina Faso is a name of a country in Africa..!! I thought it was a fancy name for a new branded handbag, I didn't remember I ever learned about Burkina Faso at school... (my high school Geography teacher would cry if he heard this)

IT'S NOT FAIR....!!!

Now that I grow wiser...(...ehhhmmmm...) I learn to love learning.... Since I don't need to have high scores or to pass any exam, I don't study because I have to anymore... I study because I want to learn new skills, I want to know new stuffs, I want to explore more interesting things...

I feel that I am living a richer life... all because of the new things I learn everyday...

Last year my friend asked me to go to this seminar on internet business. I was very reluctant at first because I had very little knowledge on IT.  Technology scared me.... Internet meant emails and google. But my husband urged me to go... he even accompanied me to the seminar.  I still remember him saying," Why are you so scared of learning new stuffs?  You have nothing to lose... Just go to the seminar.... If you like it, you can act on it and if you don't, we'll have some nice ikan bakar around that area."

I was glad I went to that seminar.... It started my journey in getting intimate with internet stuffs.  I even enrolled myself for a 9-month program to learn more... My life is indeed richer... I never thought that I would be able to build a website.  Now I have my own website.... and... I even publish an ebook...!!  It has been a very interesting and fun journey....

One of my obligations as a Muslim is to seek knowledge and spread it for the benefit of the humankind.

According to Al-Tharmidzi (Hadith 74), The Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said :

The seeking of knowledge is an obligatory of every Muslim."

Confucious once said :

I hear and I forget.  I see and I remember. I do and I understand.

If you are interested to know more about internet life (and business), I list down a few upcoming seminars that may help you start the journey.

This one is conducted by the celebrities...!! The Seminar is in Bahasa Malaysia.

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or you can also try this one by Patric Chan.  This seminar is conducted in English...

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  1. I find most guys are at ease when it comes to learning, my two sons hardly studiy but they are always above average. They listen to the teachers lecture and could remember most of it so that is why they don't hate school except the waking up early part. I on the other hand have to read a lot before I could get those grades. I love reading and learning new stuffs, it is interesting. Maybe that is why I some how indirectly influence my sons. When my sons were young, what ever they ask me I always have a good answer for them. Once my younger son said " my mum knows ecerything" He was very young then. I don't know everything, just that I always have a logical answer for them, even on something that I don't know sons and I will look the answer together.

    1. Aries... it's the other way around for me.. my eldest daughter knows much more than me. She learns so many things from TV, internet and books that she was surprised when I didn't know what she knows.. That prompts me to accumulate more knowledge.

      thanks for dropping by and happy blogging to you...!!


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