Thursday, 26 June 2014

My First Fasting

One Week Before Ramadhan

Fourteen years ago :

I was super nervous
It was my first time spending Ramadhan in Malaysia as a Muslim..
Would I be able to fast?
What if I couldn't make it?
Would I feel very tired?
What should I do during the day?
What should I wear?
What if I passed out when walking in a mall? ( I have very low blood pressure)

Now 2014 :

I am super excited
I am looking forward to detoxifying my body and soul

During Ramadhan

Fourteen years ago :

I was confused....
I felt awkward.....
I felt scared...
I fought hard to wake up for sahur....
I traded sahur for 3 more hours of sleep
I looked at the clock every 5 minutes and wonder if the clock was broken
I broke my fast like a greedy elephant and felt sleepy afterwards
I tried so many restaurants offering Ramadhan Break Fast Buffet in KL

Now 2014 :

I am super excited because my daughters are joining us in fasting
I am looking forward to have real sahur with everyone in the house
I am looking forward to checking out Bazaar Ramadhan near my house
I always run out of time in preparing the food for breaking fast. I think the clock moves too fast.
I control my food intake when breaking fast
I feel energized

After Ramadhan

Fourteen years ago:

I lost 3-4 kgs
I felt very healthy and energized
I could wear my old jeans and kebayas

One year ago:

I lost 0.5 kg..
I felt hmmmmm....
I had to buy new kebayas and baju kurung (couldn't fit into any of my old ones)

2014 :  LET'S SEE....

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