Thursday, 21 April 2011

My Religion is The Best..!!

That's the exact virus that kills mankind. 
That's the exact poison that makes people kill each other
That's the exact sentence I hear over and over again...

My mother is a believer of Confucious teaching
My late grandmother was a devoted Buddhist
My late grandfather was an Atheist
My father is an Agnostic
My sister is a Christian
My other sister is a Catholic
My brothers are both Christians
My husband is Muslim
And I am Muslim

I believe each of my family members thinks that his/her religion is the best..
(and i believe a lot of people think we are one hell of a crazy family too...)

Nobody kills each other..
Nobody tries to convert each other into different faith..
Nobody thinks that each is better than the other..

If only everyone can do this....

In China : the Tibetan monks can concentrate on praying and preaching
In Indonesia : the Christians won't be afraid of celebrating Christmas in the church
In America : the Muslims won't be scared of being stoned and teased by passer-bys
In Belfast : the Catholics won't be terrorized by the Christians and vice versa

Isn't it really a wonderful world...?


  1. Yes indeed. If its continue to be like this (killing each other) then hell will be crowded only with human... like I said I always think that all animal when they died they will go to heaven and hell will be only human.

  2. Well Fen... when the hell is overcrowded with human and no more space, let's just hope that we'll be "upgraded' to heaven. But again, it won't be fun when we are the only human among the animals, will it?

  3. What an interesting set of family members. Hi, just blog hopping

  4. Hi Aries.. thanks for dropping by here...;) Yes, my family is not a normal yet interesting one.. I am very fortunate to be born in my family. Never fail to thank Allah for this as I believe that we can't choose which family we want to be born in, only God decides.


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