Sunday, 8 May 2011

Follow your heart.... NOT..!!!

Star Newspapers of Malaysia reported :
  • 05th May 2011 : A woman fell for a con's artist's sob stories on Facebook ended up being cheated of RM1.1 million  (U$380,000).
  • 04th May 2011 : A 25-yr-old NUCLEAR ENGINEER was murdered by her 60-yr-old boyfriend who worked as a cook (had a wife with few children).  Reason : jealousy, she wanted to end the relationship.
Last month : A friend's 50-yr-old AEROSPACE SCIENTIST cousin left her children and went off to marry her 26-yr-old gym instructor whom she knew for one week.  Now all relatives are helping the children to cope up while she is enjoying her NEW LIFE.  I don't know how long this new life will be bright and sunny...

There are so many other similar stories that i came across in the past few years.  Every time I heard the story, my first reaction was, " Don't they think?"

The victims are not unintelligent people, most of them are "smarter" than me, well.... at least academically.  But they could fall easily into the prey of con men/women.  95% of the victims were female.  Why..??

           Women rely too much on their FEELINGs instead of their LOGICs.
 ( Men with stronger artistic traits are said to also rely on their feelings more than their logics)

Though I am a normal sentimental woman who loves pink, romantic movies, and cooking... I strongly believe that most of the decisions that I made in my life were processed EQUALLY thru my logic and feeling.  Of course, I also made a lot of crazy decisions that left me dumb-founded one week later, like going on "meat" shopping spree when I got stressed out.  I was so irritated with the Immigration Officer's attitude one day.... She made me go to my regular butcher shop afterwards and bought kilos of different cuts of meat. One week later, my freezer was still packed with rib eyes, lamb shank, T-bones, etc. and I had no idea what to do with it anymore.  But to my defence, that's not a Life Altering Decision.  That's my body response system when I get stressed out. 

God creates human beings with the perfect 5 senses to See, Touch, Hear, Taste, and Smell.  In addition to that, He also perfects His creations with BRAINS and HEARTS so they can think and feel.

Feeling comes from our heart, can be easily manipulated and not stable. 

Logic is based on facts that are stored and processed in our brains.

Brains and hearts are the two most powerful softwares needed to make life's decisions.  Each complements each other, can't work independently, and have to work concurrently. If one of them malfunctions, our hardware (body) will not function normally. 

So.... Let's use both our Brains and Hearts...!!


  1. Very true indeed. When ever the heart desires for something, pulse and check with the brain first. My personal policy. Helps all the time.

  2. Hi, it is me again. Someone passed a mommy blogger award to me and I would like to share it with all the mommy bloggers out there. Come over and get a copy

  3. Hi Aries... have been visiting your interesting blogs. I just learned how to be a "follower"... :) Thanks for sharing the copy..


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