Friday, 30 September 2011

Pet Pet Pet

Few years ago an Irish tourist was bitten by Rottweilers while walking in a fruit orchard in Penang. She died of massive bleeding.

Two days ago a guy was attacked by few Rottweilers while walking near a fish pond. He survived with 120 stitches in his body. The victim said that he was helpless and horrified when one of the dogs actually bit and ATE and CHEW his flesh...!!! I couldn't imagine it..

In the first case : the dogs were "put to sleep" and the owner was fined.

While I symphatize with the victims, I also pity the dogs. They were doing their duties to "guard" their owners's properties. I felt bad that they had to be put to sleep. But they were too dangerous to be left with irresponsible owners.

Rottweilers are not for everyone and they shouldn't be let loose outside without leash. Anyone who is thinking about having a Rottweiler as a pet should know and practice a very strict monitoring on the dog.

A lot of people taking pets without thinking it's consequences. I am not talking only Rottweiler... I am also talking about other pets such as little dogs, cats, fish, monkeys, and other animals.

I used to have cats who came to my house, had some gatherings in my tiny gardens and did their "big and small businesses" there, leaving horrible stench everyday. My poor maid had to clean the garden everyday, wearing mask and gloves...

I tried all kind of cat repellents, from gel, spray, granules, and Powder. I spend hundreds of ringgit every month trying to get rid of the cats. I even tried stupid silly things like making something like a scarecrow and put it on the tree. I google "ways to keep cats out of your garden" and followed almost everything. I sprinkled crushed black peppercorns on the soil, I put wires around the gates, I even poured kerosene around the garden..! I knew it might be dangerous but I was so desperate... I just couldn't take it anymore.

I didn't know where those cats came from. I asked my immediate neighbors who had cats. He said his cats didn't go out and do their business outside. They were trained to do it in the sand box at home. Everybody said that... Nobody was responsible..

Finally my maid came up with brilliant idea... She took 100 gr of bird's eye chillies, pound them, poured water on it and sprayed the water on the garden. It worked magic.... The cats stopped coming to our house. It becomes our ritual, spraying the garden with liquid chillies once a week.

My point here.... Pet owners should not let their pets roaming outside their houses. Sharing is good, but this kind of sharing is really irritating..

Having a pet is a big responsibility..... Not only to the pet itself but responsibility to the public too. Make sure the pet is leashed when it is out of the house. And please.... Don't bring your dogs or cats into malls, they don't care about the sale at Zarra or the latest model of Coach... Leave them at home...

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