Friday, 3 February 2012

Cry Me A River...

Long long time ago..... after FAILING in love for so many times, I did a lot of silly and stupid things. I was so eager to know who my future husband was, how he would look like and when I would get married.  So, one of the silly things I did was visiting fortune tellers, believing that they had the solutions to my single life.  At that time I was a Christian and as a Christian, I was forbidden to seek any help or information from "the other world".  But again, I was a rebellious kid so I didn't really care about it.  I was curious and thought that God wouldn't be mad at an honest, nice but curious kid.  It's not that I worshipped something else, I was just having some fun...

I visited gypsy fortune tellers in US and some Chinese fortune tellers in Bandung.  Coincidently there are 3 fortune tellers who told me the exact same things.  Maybe they went to the same sifu or read the same books but all said that I would have 2 mothers, I would marry someone from far away place, I would have a sharp object cut my body, and I would have to remove the mole near my eye.  When I asked them why I had to remove the mole, all of them said that if I didn't remove the mole, I would shed a lot of tears.  My friend freaked out when the fortune tellers said that some sharp objects would cut my body.  She tought of the worst.... that I would be murderred or slashed by robbers or had freaky accidents.  She asked me to go to dermatologist to remove the mole.  As for me, I just laughed it out.

Well, since it was just for fun, I didn't really take it seriously and totally forgotten about it until last year when I met the same old friend who went to the same fortune teller with me in US.  She told me how silly we were last time, going to every fortune teller we could find just to find out about our soulmates.  We then talked about the time we spent together and how blessed we were to still be friends even after 20 over years.

After she left, I thought about what the fortune tellers told me... and funnily, all they said had come true.. I do have 2 mothers now, one is my biological mother and the other one is my mother-in-law.  I married someone who lived thousands of miles away from my hometown.  I had few cuts in my body from caesarean and laparoscopy surgeries.

When I was watching American Idol 11 today, I was reminded again by the last thing those fortune tellers told me : I would be shedding a lot of tears. I really have been shedding a lot of tears...!!!

I have been watching too many movies with teary moments... The older I get, the more sensitive my feeling has become.  I cry in almost every movie and every Oprah moment I watch.  My husband always teases me when I cry during movies (he once brought a thick towel for me to dry my tears).  He couldn't believe that I cried watching Lion King. I even cried watching X-Men. Today I cried when I heard an American Idol contestant sang.  I forget what his name is but his voice really touched my heart.  He sang beautifully with all his heart... I just couldn't control my tears...

Well, now I learn that shedding tears is not that bad at all... It doesn't mean unhappiness.  In my case,  my shedding tears had saved me money from buying contact lens lubricant... The down side is, I think my eyebags are getting bigger, big enough to store all the tears I would shed. 

Hmmm.... now I am contemplating of removing my eye bags... Who knows after my eyebags removed, I could watch korean dramas without finishing the whole tissue box? 

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