Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Assam pedas fish makes me slimmer

As always, I consumed a million calories during Chinese New Year holiday.  For the past few years, after dieting and suffering to the brink of depression, I managed to get back to my normal weight within 1 month surviving on bland boiled egg whites, green stuffs and no carb food.  However for the past few years it got harder and longer to loose those extra kilos thus making me wider, rounder and more huggable. 

So this time around, I decided to do more to lose those flabs.  Since I have more free time now, I was thinking of joining an exercise program with a personal trainer at a soon-to-be-opened gym for ladies only.  I was attracted by their colourful flyers : free personal trainers, exercise for only 30 minutes per session, 66% discount, guaranteed results.  Just what I needed..!

Actually I've been a member of a gym near my house for the past 11 years.  The gym is only 5 minutes drive from my house, situated inside a premier beautiful golf course, has a pretty tropical-landscaped swimming pool and has 4 restaurants serving delicious chinese, western, and local dishes.  So, actually there is NO reason for me not to go there.  But somehow I got tons of excuses not to go there.... (although I could never find any reason to not visit any of the eateries...)

Yesterday I went to the soon-to-be-opened women only gym.  I was greeted by a very nice lady in her late 20's. Judging from her toned body I could see that she spends a lot of time on various exercise machines.  I was salivating... imagining that I would have that kind of body 1 month after joining the program.

She told me that she would be one of the personal trainers there.  Great...!!

Just when she was about to explain the program, we were interrupted by a plump friendly lady in her 50's.  Judging from how she talked, I assumed this lady must be the big boss.  Right away she explained the program of the gym and how it is different from another gym.  She said that the program is proven effective in the US.  With guidance from their personal trainers, I would get the toned healthy body I am dreaming of soon.  To make it even better, I would only need to exercise 30 minutes per session, combining cardio and weight lift.

Instead of impressed, somehow I got irritated by her. First, by interrupting the conversation that I had with her staff. Then I got irritated when she said the program is very effective and result is guaranteed. If it is so effective, how come she is still very plump..?? I am waaaaaay slimmer compared to her... I must say that she is borderline obese.

After politely said that I would think about this and come back later, I left the place.  On the way to the parking lot, I shook my head... The company should hire some sales persons or managers who are suitable for its products.  Some people just ignore a simple thing like that. 

Very often when I shopped at department stores I was approached by salesgirls promoting skin care products.  They promised smooth, pimple-free skin, with radiant complexion.  But the sales promoters had pimples, dry skin covered with heavy make ups and tired looking eye bags. How could I be attracted and convinced by the products?

After the visit to the new-to-be-opened gym, I decided to go back to my personal motivator : my husband.  He knows very well how to motivate me to go to the gym.  His usual trick is like this : "Come, join me at the gym at 7pm.  After the gym we can have diner at this new place that I saw at the newspaper today. I read they serve top-rated assam pedas fish.  Guaranteed to make you smile." 

That's what I call selling.


  1. Hahahah a hubby as a motivator is better than none. I dread going to a gym or join a group to exercise. I prefer to do it on my own on my own sweet time. Learn all ways of exercising via internet, t.v magazines etc and I make sure I do it at least one hour every day. Love doing stretching and yoga and weight lifting in front of the t.v, this way I forgot how torture it was and time just fly by. Happy slimming down to you. Just like you, I had stop exercising and been eating more than normal during Chinese New Year, so today I force myself to start again. Good luck to both of us.

  2. Yes... Good luck to both of us indeed...!! Really need that good luck..;)


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